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About us

Out There News is a multimedia production company and media consultancy.

The company was founded by Paul Eedle, a former Reuters correspondent and editorial executive, in 1996 as an online news network, providing content for AOL, Yahoo and ntl and publishing its own ‘multimedia documentaries’ on the internet.

Paul moved the company into television production in 2002. He produced Channel 4 News’s award winning coverage from Baghdad in 2003, and then set up a bureau in Baghdad which produced a flow of exclusive news features from Iraq for Channel 4 News.

Paul spent 2010-13 as Director of Programmes at Al Jazeera English but then resumed running Out There News.

More on the history of Out There News

Production highlights

The Iraqi Candidate (Al Jazeera English, March and July 2010) 2 x 21’ documentaries on an Iraqi defying corruption and violence to stand in the 2010 parliamentary elections. Produced and directedby Paul Eedle.

Sharks of Kuwait, Darfur Plays, Betrayed in Basra, Orphans of Mygoma (Al Jazeera English 2008-2010) 21' documentaries by directors Zeina Aboul Hosn, Mia Bittar and Taghred Elsanhoury.

Hard Way Home (BBC Arabic TV, April 2008). 45-minute documentary on the Iraqi refugee crisis. Reported and directed by Paul Eedle.

Jihad TV (Channel 4, November 2006). Hour-long documentary investigating the jihadi propaganda machine on the Internet and its impact on young Arabs and young Muslims in the UK. Reported and directed by Paul Eedle. Production in association with Smokefall.

i remember lebanon (Channel 4 and several festivals, September 2006) A journey through memories of Beirut, filmed by Zeina Aboul Hosn just before the bombs started falling in the war between Israel and Hezbollah.

After the Anfal (Channel 4 News, August 2006) Testimony from survivors of Saddam Hussein’s genocidal campaign against the Kurds in the 1980s, for which he is now on trial. Includes exclusive archive from 1989 of Saddam Hussein’s triumphal visit to Kurdistan after the campaign.

TV Iraqi Style (Channel 4, November 2005) How the chaos of post-invasion Iraq is shaping a whole new brand of television entertainment for a captive audience too scared to leave their homes. Co-production with ITN.

Iraq: The Women’s Story (Channel 4, May 2006) Iraqi women film the hidden world of hardship faced by women in ‘liberated’ Iraq.

Managing Director: Paul Eedle studied Arabic and Islamic History at Cambridge and having travelled to the Middle East learning Arabic decided to become a journalist after visiting Lebanon during the civil war. Paul has reported from 24 countries. He ran Reuters news operations in Japan and the Americas and helped to start the independent Iraqi news agency, Aswat al-Iraq. He is currently Chair of Internews Europe, a media development NGO.

Email: paul.eedle AT
Twitter: @pauleedle

Bereaved woman from Madaen
Woman in Madaen on southern outskirts of Baghdad grieves for her family.
Graves in Falluja
Residents of Falluja bury the dead after a US assault.
A suicide bomb in a Baghdad suburb killed more than 30 children.